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Minecraft Hunger Games
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Welcome to Minecraft Hunger Games!
Simplicity, frequency & versality distinguish our Minecraft Hunger Games servers!

Hunger Games are pure fight for life. You begin with 100 other players on a server in a random generated world and only have your chosen kit. Scroll down to see the servers which will start within the next 7 minutes. In the boxes you can see the IP of the server, just copy it into your Minecraft Multiplayer and you can start. Kill or get killed!

Current: #033 HG 2.0!

Come and play, become the best!

TeamSpeak 3

Geh einfach auf unsere Lobby hg-pvp.de und gib dort /hg ein, um auf einen Server zu connecten!

What are Minecraft Hunger Games?

At the so called «Hunger Games» you have to survive in a random generated world and fight against the others as long as possible. You should take care of other players, hardcore mobs and last but not least the own hunger to get a chance of winning the game. The first three minutes of every match invincibility is activated, there you should run away to find an ambush and craft the main tools and weapons to defense yourself. After that three minutes damage is getting activated. From begin on you are getting hungry, so you have to find food.
For not getting boring at the start of every match you can choose a kit consisting of start items and/or special skills to play as individual and tactical as possible. You can find a list of all available kits at Klassen. There are free standard kits and premium kits for 3€ or 5€.